Breaking Down The Barriers Of The Full Spectrum CBD Industry

CBD for spas from Happy Buddha Hemp

Who Can Use Full-Spectrum CBD?

Why are more and more businesses seeking out wholesale cbd and white labeling programs for CBD products?

The full potential of full-spectrum CBD is a subject of intense research in a huge variety of fields. The workings of the endocannabinoid system, its role in various bodily systems and the part it plays in overall health, are extremely complicated. The nerve receptors that make up the endocannabinoid system exist in almost every major organ and muscle group. Similarly, each of these receptors interact with cannabinoid compounds including CBD, THC and others, in different ways1. This means that mapping and optimizing the full potential of CBD extracts is going to be a subject of intense research and exploration for decades to come. 

However, since the compound was legalized for sale and use in the USA and abroad a great deal of research has already been done and a great many people have already begun utilizing this compound in their day to day lives. This includes a large number of businesses who utilize it in a professional context. Our co-founder, Kate Provendra was a massage therapist for 14 years before discovering CBD and instantly began to incorporate it into the treatments she provided to her clients. She’s far from the only one. Spas, doctors offices, health food stores and holistic health enthusiasts are all beginning to look at the increasing research being done in this field and deciding they want to utilize it in their treatments and services to clients.

The simple fact is, there’s no complete list of what businesses could benefit from incorporating CBD, because the full potential of this compound has not yet been understood by science.

Full Spectrum CBD For Spas, Clinics and Other Businesses

However, deciding that you want to use CBD in your business and actually getting a product that you can use are two very different things. High quality CBD starts with high quality hemp, grown from a trusted, potent strain and very importantly, grown in conditions that guarantee freedom from synthetic contaminants in the soil. Then comes the extraction and preparation methods where extreme care must be taken to preserve as much of the plant profile as possible in order to provide a truly full-spectrum CBD product that will enable the entourage effect.

If you’ve read our blog for any length of time, you’ll know exactly how much goes into getting a quality product from the field to the bottle. You’ll also hopefully know about the vast difference between the biological mechanisms activated by a full-spectrum product versus isolate or partial-profile CBD. Obviously not every company that offers CBD has the resources to create their own product and so, most often, the CBD you get at a spa or similar business will be provided by a third party company like Happy Buddha Hemp via wholesale cbd sales programs.

Wholesale Full-Spectrum CBD Programs

However a massage therapist will use more CBD in a week than most people will use in a year, which means buying off the shelf would quickly get extremely expensive. That’s why we offer wholesale programs for those who are looking to buy in bulk. 

Unfortunately, for many small businesses “wholesale programs” can be a scary phrase. Many programs require that they spend thousands of dollars before qualifying which can put them beyond the reach of independent business owners like massage therapists, health coaches and similar. But, Kate used her experience in that space to design the wholesale cbd programs at Happy Buddha Hemp with their budgets and need for flexibility in mind. That’s why our wholesale programs start with lowest in the industry minimum order quantities and immediate fulfillment for orders able to be shipped by post.

We’ve been thrilled by the response we’ve received from people in this arena that work with us. For many of them, the same products that Happy Buddha Hemp offer to every customer provide everything they need to successfully add CBD to their business. However, sometimes a business will have a relationship with their customers that means they don’t want the name and logos of another business involved in the services they offer their clientele. That’s where white label CBD programs become important.

White Label Full-Spectrum CBD

White Label CBD programs like ours are programs through which businesses can put their own branding and face on CBD products provided by others. They require a huge amount of trust in the supplier because you are literally putting your brand’s reputation in the hands of their product. That’s a part of the reason that white labeling can be so problematic in the CBD industry which is so new there’s very little regulation. There are plenty of suppliers out there who will happily provide you with a bottle of what they say is full spectrum but is in fact barely more than isolate.

Hopefully you’ll also have read some of our advice on finding CBD that has been verified by third party labs and other indicators to make sure that you’re getting a high quality, full-spectrum CBD that will actually deliver on its promises. If not though, make sure you check out this article on identifying high quality CBD and this one on identifying companies that may be trying to pass off a cheap imitation as the real thing.

Using Full Spectrum CBD In Your Business

The fact is that, as more and more of the benefits of CBD are revealed by ongoing research it is going to find a niche as part of more and more businesses. If you’re a business owner who is curious about how CBD could benefit your clients or how you could work with us, give us a call on 970-725-6888 or email us at today.

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