4 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Wholesale CBD or White Label CBD Program

Wholesale CBD for businesses

As research into its many health and wellness applications continues more and more businesses all over the country are starting to buy into wholesale CBD to help their customers. Many massage therapists and spas have found that their customers enjoy numerous benefits from CBD infused massage oils. Veterinarians have started to provide CBD pet treats or CBD oil infusions as alternatives to potentially dangerous opiates. Even personal trainers and professional athletes are increasingly starting to explore the use of CBD as a pain relief and recovery aid.

However, the lack of regulation, and the amount of bad information out there about CBD can make it very hard for anyone, let alone a small business owner with a hundred other things on their mind, to find good quality, effective CBD.

We’ve talked a lot about how the average customer can make sure that the CBD they’re purchasing for personal use is something that will work for them, but trying to add CBD to your business comes with a bunch of additional considerations.

Our co-founders, Kate and DJ were both small business owners themselves and designed Happy Buddha Hemp’s whitelabel and wholesale CBD programs to help small business owners succeed. Now they’re sharing the 4 essential questions every small business owner should ask before picking a CBD supplier.

Are they supplying, safe, full-spectrum CBD that will actually benefit your customers?

This one may seem like a no-brainer, however in reality it’s anything but. There’s a huge amount of low-quality CBD on the market and much of it is incorrectly, or misleadingly labeled. Check out this page for a detailed explanation on how to identify a trustworthy CBD supplier and confirm the quality of their product. This is the most fundamental part of adding CBD to your business and in our experience, people that produce high-quality, trustworthy products, are generally going to provide fairer and more flexible terms to those they work with.

Do they have a variety of CBD products available that I can offer in multiple ways?

CBD, like just about everything else we use or consume, affects the body differently depending on how it is applied. For someone looking for relief for a muscle strained during training a CBD infused analgesic topical is going to be much more appropriate than a CBD oil tincture. However a massage therapist will likely want to ensure that they have both the topical and the tincture available for clients with differing needs.

Dealing with multiple suppliers in a situation like this is only going to complicate the situation and mean more paperwork, so make sure that your CBD supplier is able to fulfill all the needs that your business may have.

What is their minimum order quantity for wholesale CBD pricing?

The minimum order quantity, or MOQ, is make or break for a lot of small businesses dealing with large suppliers. Some companies won’t offer wholesale pricing until orders reach thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. For a small business, that’s often simply not realistic and so possibly the most important question a business can ask is, how often do I want to restock and how much CBD will I need to last that long?

If a wholesale or white-label CBD program won’t work with you on that amount, it’s time to keep looking until you find a supplier that will.

At Happy Buddha Hemp, our wholesale pricing kicks in at just $250 since we found that this was a comfortable starting point for many solo massage therapists and health coaches.

Am I locked into an order schedule?

If there’s one thing the last year has taught small businesses, it’s that the market situation can change completely with little to no warning. What’s particularly important therefore, is to ensure that your contracts with suppliers don’t lock you into paying for goods or services you may not need if circumstances change. If a contract tries to lock you into guaranteeing orders or payments before they’ll offer you wholesale pricing, it may not be worth the risk.

Succeeding with a small business is about flexibility, it’s about being able to take advantage of your size to pivot and move with the market. Being locked into a contract locks you into a particular work pattern that may not work for you six months, or even six weeks down the road. Make sure that any supplier you work with is going to be willing to work with you when times change.

Wholesale and White Label CBD Programs For Small Businesses

At Happy Buddha Hemp, we’re proud of how we work with not just members of the public, but business owners all over the country. We started the campaign with a very simple objective, to provide, high-quality, effective CBD to as many people as possible and so if you’re a business owner, who is curious about how CBD could benefit your clients or how you could work with us, give us a call on 970-725-6888 or email us at buddha@happybuddhahemp.com today.