White Label CBD – Spas, Gyms and Health Clubs, where is your CBD oil coming from?

CBD Oil White Label Programs

CBD oil is gaining momentum among everyone from professional athletes to office workers for the effects it can have. Whether it’s being used to help with recovery after a training session, pain management, better sleep or just regulating stress, there’s hundreds of applications for it in day to day life. With this increasing demand, more and more businesses (particularly those in the health industry such as health clubs, massage studios and even doctor’s clinics) are starting to offer CBD products  to their customers.

However, as anyone who has tried it knows, not all CBD extracts are created equal. There can be a huge amount of variation in the potency and even safety of a CBD extraction based on everything from the strain of hemp used, and the conditions in which it’s grown, to the extraction process used to create the final product. We’re incredibly proud of the strides we’ve made to optimize our hemp strains, growing process, and especially, our famous spagyric process.

This means there’s a huge investment of time and energy before making your first bottle of CBD oil. Obviously, not everywhere that sells CBD has the infrastructure to support a nursery, farms and extraction labs, so where exactly does the CBD people purchase at their local spa come from?

White Label CBD Oil

The answer is, white label CBD programs. These are programs through which businesses that want to offer the benefits of CBD to their customers can get CBD extractions from a company like Happy Buddha Hemp. The local business can get CBD extractions that are branded with their image and, ideally, tailored to their specific needs and services. The result, with a good program, is the ability to offer a high quality CBD extraction without a huge upfront cost, or compromising your brand and the relationship you’ve built with your customers.

The benefits of this can be enormous. Being the first business in your area to offer CBD extractions as part of your services can be a huge unique selling point, especially as consumer awareness increases. With staff that is  properly trained in discussing and marketing these services to customers, CBD can be used to effectively and attractively augment almost any health or wellness regimen.

However, just like with regular customers, businesses face a lot of pitfalls when considering how to enter the CBD market.

The lack of recognition for the CBD industry by the federal, and many state, governments has led to an unfortunate lack of regulation on quality and description in the CBD market. As we’ve talked about before, it’s easy for badly grown hemp to be processed as quickly and cheaply as possible into something that technically qualifies as CBD oil, but won’t have the potency or full-spectrum benefits that customers expect and deserve. However this doesn’t stop many suppliers from following exactly these practices and labelling their products in whatever way they choose.

This leaves small business owners holding the bag and stuck with products that they don’t really want their name and branding on. This can lead to massive sunk costs with little, or no, return on investment. In some cases, it can even have knock on effects for their credibility with their customers.

How To Find The Right White Label CBD Program?

Finding the right CBD partner for your business, or finding out if the supplier for a local business is reputable can be a challenge. Overcoming that challenge starts with education.

CBD Oil Potency and Purity

Even a surface level understanding of how Hemp is grown and what impact different extraction processes can have on the final product is a huge tool in your arsenal. Learning about the impact of organic farming processes and how different compounds interact with the Endo-Cannabinoidal system in the body automatically makes you far more qualified to judge an extraction. Check out some of our other blog posts to learn more about those aspects, or book a call with one of our Happy Buddha Hemp Advisors, a team of CBD experts available for a no-cost, no-obligation chat.

Once you have the knowledge you need to understand what CBD products and extractions will work best for you and your business, make sure you work with a CBD supplier that is open and honest. They should be enthusiastic, not reluctant, about giving you answers to all of your questions. We have a full write up of our growing and extraction processes on our site as well as third-party, independent lab reports on the composition and potency of our products. If a supplier isn’t willing to supply these things, it’s a good idea to ask why they may be trying to keep them a secret.

CBD Wholesale Minimum Order Quantities, Contract Flexibility and Discount Programs

Once you’ve found a product that you trust, it’s time to figure out if the program itself is right for you. One of the main barriers to entry for many small businesses is that a lot of CBD suppliers have very high minimum order quantities before any kind of wholesale pricing becomes available. Even worse, many wholesale contracts lock you into needing to make monthly purchases or other inflexible measures that take much needed control away from the business owner. This represents a major challenge to small businesses, especially in these uncertain times when the pressure on spas and other health and wellness providers is greater than ever.

The best advice here is to shop around and make sure you have all the answers before you move forward with anything. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Remember, White Label CBD providers need to earn your business, not the other way around. If they won’t be open with you or if they try and lock you into something you’re hesitant about, it may just be best to move on until you find someone you’re happy with.
We practice what we preach with our wholesale programs, just like with our retail products. So, in addition to having one of the lowest MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) thresholds in the industry, our wholesale and white-label programs are completely flexible and adjustable to suit your needs. Our CBD Advisors are also available to discuss all aspects of adding CBD to your business with a one on one consultation. Just book an appointment, or call us at 970-725-6888.

Ongoing Support, Education and Marketing

Last, but definitely not least, we come to how to feature and use your new, self-branded CBD products. With twenty years of combined experience in the industry, Happy Buddha Hemp has helped hundreds of businesses all over the USA integrate CBD into their services. The number one thing that we’ve seen make the difference between success and failure, is educating your staff on exactly what they are, and how to use them.

The more you know about something, the more confidently you can discuss it with customers. The more confidently you can discuss something, the better you’ll be able to guide people to the right product to give them the best possible outcome.

We have a CBD Expert certification course for all of our wholesale customers that’s available free of charge to all members and their staff. The course includes not only general information about CBD and its effects on the body, but also information on how to talk through lab reports and other information with customers, how to recommend the right product for the right situation and much more.

In an ideal world your CBD supplier will be entering into a partnership with you where they fight just as hard for your success as you do. That’s certainly our philosophy here. If you have any questions about partnering with Happy Buddha Hemp, or just CBD in general, you can email us at buddha@happybuddhahemp.com, or give us a call at 970-725-6888.