What is Industrial Hemp?

Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp has thousands of modern uses, including food, textiles, paper, construction materials, biodegradable plastic, and even biofuel. Hemp can replace many harmful products, like plastic and paper made from trees – which contributes to deforestation, not to mention the toxic, carcinogenic byproducts that are released during processing. Hemp will play a major role in creating a Green Future, as it requires no poisonous pesticides or herbicides to grow, and has been known to be a valuable rotational crop that helps heal soils damaged by these chemicals, it can even help re-green deserts.

The fiber has been used for thousands of years as clothing fabric, rope, and twine, with applications ranging from heavy, durable furniture upholstery, to soft, elegant dress gowns. Hemp fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic, this means when you’re wearing hemp, your body is actually staying cleaner and smelling fresher all day. Shortly before the 1900’s, over 90% of the paper in the world was made from hemp; the Declaration of Independence was drafted on durable, long-lasting hemp paper. Getting back to these sustainable practices would combat some of the immense damage caused by deforestation, as hemp can be planted seasonally, and contains more raw material for making paper, which can then be recycled up to 10 times – over twice as many times as paper made from wood pulp.

To find out more information about Industrial Hemp and Hemp products, follow our Blog to stay up to date on the Hemp Industry in America!

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