What is Spagyric CBD?

Since Cannabis was first legalized in Colorado in January 2014, there has been many conversations, debates and opinions involving the word hemp. So what is hemp?

Many people don’t realize that Hemp and Marijuana are actually two different species, associating from the one primary cannabis plant! Think of them as siblings – they have a lot of similarities, but act very differently!

Within both Hemp and Marijuana there are hundreds of compounds known as cannabinoids, which are the parts of the plant that cause different sensations or effects. The two most popular and prominent are THC and CBD.


Two terms we hear often in the Hemp and Marijuana industries are THC and CBD. So what are they? THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the component of cannabis plants that give individuals the psychoactive effect, or high. CBD, or Cannabidiol is the other primary component in cannabis plants, but the effects of it are MUCH different than THC. CBD does not produce a high effect and is often used to promote health and wellness because it is an adaptogen – helping your body function optimally, especially during times of stress or chronic illness. It comes in multiple forms and can be used for different reasons depending on the users preference. 

Additionally to the different forms and uses associated with CBD, there are also multiple methods or manners in which the compound is extracted from the Hemp plant. These different methods primarily fall into 4 buckets: Isolate, broad spectrum, full spectrum, and spagyric extraction.

At Happy Buddha Hemp, we offer organic, spagyric extracted hemp and CBD products.

What is Spagyric Hemp?

It’s a hard word to pronounce but it’s efficacy is unmatched. It comes from the English word “alchemy” which brings three properties to the forefront; Mercury, Salt and Sulfur. Spagyrics were developed in the 1500’s by herbalists and alchemists to give their tinctures, remedies and compresses a complete plant profile. They believed the more of a plant that can be put to use, the more effective it will be.  

The hemp plant has over 150 types of cannabinoids – CBD is the most popular but other compounds are just as important. Research has shown that CBN,CBG, CBDa and THC (which is found in trace amounts in the hemp plant) all contribute to the benefits of hemp. 

Spagyric extraction is a unique method that offers the highest potency for maximum effects.  The Spagyric extraction process not only extracts CBD from the hemp plant, it also extracts the most beneficial cannabinoids, including a trace amount of THC. This was the birth of the Entourage Effect which can help boost the bioavailability of the CBD from the hemp plant.

Why is Spagyric Hemp different?

What we just described can be said about most Full Spectrum CBD extracts, but Spagyric goes above and beyond with extracting the beneficial compounds of the hemp plant. It is the only extraction process to reclaim the salts and minerals from the original plant, and then incorporate it back into the final hemp CBD products. This unique process is done by burning the hemp plant, or biomass, at a high temperature for a long period of time, solidifying the salts and minerals. This procedure is something no other company does. 

Next, it is filtered through a purified water bath, separating out the impurities and carbon matter from the calcified salts and minerals. This is the actual alchemical process of the salts and minerals changing their form. 

The last step in the spagyric process is adding the crystalized pieces back into the Full Spectrum Extraction. When this happens the extract bubbles indicating the start of the chemical process of the extract changing from an acid to an alkaline mixture. 

Spagyric CBD has many benefits which get passed to consumers once ingested or placed on skin. This form of hemp is the least altered compared to any other structure of hemp. The natural state of the plant makes it easier for our bodies to utilize the compounds and get to the root of problems that we’re trying to mitigate within our beings.  

This process of extraction is the most sophisticated form because it involves fermentation, extraction, purification, and recombination resulting in the purest structure of this natural remedy. When working with spagyric hemp, it can be helpful if grown in climates with cooler temperatures. This ensures the beneficial compounds of hemp aren’t damaged, which can happen when grown in heat. Two important compounds in a hemp plant are the cannabinoids and terpenes which can unfortunately be damaged if not properly grown and processed.

  Fun fact: Cannabinoids are already naturally found in our bones.

Without taking CBD, these are components that attach themselves to receptors when experiencing inflammation, nausea, etc.  When using CBD in any form, cannabinoids are enhanced and can better respond to these problem areas. 

Which type of Hemp CBD is best for me?

Researching hemp is important before actual consumption. Everyone is different and exploring options is beneficial so you can  invest in something that has a true potential of working for you. Happy Buddha Hemp’s fullest full spectrum Spagyric CBD offers many advantages because you’re receiving all aspects of the plants that are intended to help you. 

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