CBD oil is a new, natural plant extract that has begun appearing in a variety of places since its legalization in 2018. Individuals are drawn to them because of the serenity the plant provides. Each type of CBD oil is different depending on the plant and extraction process used, and so it is important you choose the right one for your lifestyle. CBD oil is everywhere but not all CBD is the same. One of the most common differences between CBD products is in the way the components are extracted from the hemp plant.

If you are looking for a CBD extract that has all of the organic compounds of the hemp plant, you should be choosing a product that has Spagyric CBD extracts specifically. Spagyric extraction is a process where all beneficial compounds are pulled from the plant keeping it in its most pure, natural form. This is a great type of CBD extraction for individuals who are looking for a holistic, powerful product and want the most complete CBD profile available.

What is Spagyric Extraction?

Spagyric extraction is a unique process where all of the benefits of hemp plants are extracted and then recombined creating the most natural and complete form of CBD. Using this process means it’s not only about the cannabinoids, but it focuses on the mind, body and soul of the plant. Cannabis Tech says “the soul is the scent of the plant, the mind is the traditional tincture of the plant and the body is the crystalized soluble molecules” of the hemp plant. Spagyric CBD extraction combines all three of these philosophies.

CBD Oil Extraction Process

In the cannabis plant, there are three main compounds that add to the richness of CBD extracts. Those include: cannabinoids (CBD), flavonoids (taste) and terpenes (smell). Spagyric CBD extraction process offers unique benefits with the added support of those compounds. It is known as the fullest full spectrum CBD on the market. The process specifically involves many steps before the CBD becomes a product you can actually use

First, the plant is soaked in organic ethanol/alcohol which extracts the 113 CBD compounds found in the hemp plant, the terpenes, flavonoids and chlorophyll. The plant fermentation can last up to four months. Once all the beneficial compounds are extracted, the alcohol evaporates leaving behind a thick, tar like substance. What makes spagyric extraction distinctive is all of the original hemp flower, otherwise known as biomass, is burned at a high temperature and produces a white ash. This contains the salts and minerals of the plant. The most important step is the recombination of the salts and minerals and the full spectrum extract. When these are combined, a chemical reaction occurs that increases the alkalinity of the full spectrum extract and turns it into Spagyric CBD extract.

Spagyric CBD Oil Extraction Equipment

This process is very effective, but what equipment is actually used to make it this way? Tools required are what you would see in a scientific lab – an extraction system, heating tools, beakers and a mortar and pestle.  


Spagyric Products – CBD Oil, Tinctures and Topicals

When purchasing CBD, there are different methods you can use based on what you’re trying to accomplish. The main forms you will find are tinctures, topicals and oils. Tinctures are oil based and can be added to different liquids or food to consume or be taken directly by mouth. Commonly individuals use this form of CBD when they’re feeling overwhelmed and need something natural to help them find peace.

Topicals and oils are both used externally and directly placed on the skin. When you need to ease tension in a specified area, topicals are used to lighten discomfort. It is suggested to apply cream to the problem area, let absorb and repeat the process until you’re feeling content. Oils can be used in the same way, but they are more versatile. Individuals often add the oil to water when they bathe and is often used by massage therapists and chiropractors who practice with natural remedies. 

Adding Spagyric Hemp to Your Lifestyle

It’s easy!

CBD oil is very similar to the natural medicines you can purchase from a health and wellness store or the remedies you use when experiencing something inconvenient such as a sore throat – everyone knows to drink tea with lemon and honey. CBD naturally becomes part of an individual’s life because the product is used on their own terms. You ingest what feels best for your body and it differs for each person. Having this choice, knowing it’s 100% organically grown and the fact that it’s natural provides incentive and relief to people who are looking for serenity and relaxation. Also, you can take these products with you on the go when you know your day may be stressful or you’re traveling. 

Spagyric CBD oil extraction
CBD oil tincture

Spagyric CBD oil in tinctures and topicals is going to become the new trending idea once individuals experience the benefits companies are mentioning. Because of the all-natural of the product as well, there aren’t many reasons as to why one shouldn’t try implementing a popular remedy into their routine. The results could last a lifetime. 

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