CBD For Pets – Spagyric CBD Oil for Cats, Dogs and Other Household Pets

Spagyric CBD for pets

What Is CBD For Pets?

CBD is a shortening of Cannabidiol, the primary compound extracted from the hemp plant and used in CBD extractions. However, cannabidiol is far from the whole picture when it comes to “CBD” products, including CBD for pets. 

To be most effective, CBD extractions need to be what’s called “full-spectrum”, meaning that they contain not only CBD, but also many others of the over 100 compounds that can be found in the hemp plant and which interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system has primarily been researched in humans, but recent studies 1 have shown that almost all animals (even invertebrates like sea urchins and mussels) have similar systems that interact with these compounds. Even more importantly, these same studies have repeatedly shown that animals can experience many of the same benefits from CBD oil that humans do.

Since the system that CBD products interact with in pets and animals is the same as it is for humans, this means that many of the measures we take to ensure the potency and quality of CBD for human use, also apply to CBD for pets. Therefore, high quality CBD products for pets, should, in many ways, follow the same guidelines as high quality CBD for humans.

So, what is CBD for pets? Well, in order to ensure safety and effectiveness for our animal friends, it should be:

  • A Full Spectrum CBD extraction that includes as many of the compounds from the hemp plant as possible.
  • Grown organically to prevent contamination and chemical build up in their systems.
  • Formulated to provide the right dosage.
  • Be provided in a way that allows you to easily give it to your pet as part of their daily routine such as a flavored treat or oil.

What Does The Endocannabinoid System Do?

Put simply, the endocannabinoid system is a network of nerves and receptors throughout the body that interact with the compounds found in the hemp plant. The two primary receptors are CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are found throughout the body, but have their highest concentrations in the brain and central nervous system as well as peripheral nerve networks and organs.

What’s a receptor? It’s basically a little piece of your body that is setup to receive a certain chemical. Once it receives that chemical, it sends a message to the rest of the body which triggers a reaction. In the case of receptors that are part of the endo-cannabinoid system, the chemicals that trigger their responses are from the hemp plant.

Each compound in a full spectrum CBD extraction will interact with these receptors differently based on its exact chemical composition. Depending on exactly where in the body these nerves are, how CBD is introduced to them and what bodily system they’re related to or contained within, these interactions can have a host of different effects on the animal.

The presence of the endocannabinoid system in almost all animals and its interactions with CBD in their biological systems has come as a welcome surprise to researchers searching for new treatments for our animal friends. CBD and its combinations with other hemp extract compounds like THC are being studied as a new treatment method for a host of issues in both animals and humans. Numerous studies have been conducted and are ongoing for everything from anxiety and mood regulation to long term pain management and inflammation treatment for elderly pets or others with mobility issues.

Can Humans Take CBD Oil Meant for Pets?


Can Pets Take CBD Oil Meant for Humans?

The answer to these questions is, it varies. Some CBD for pet providers put additives in their extractions that could potentially be harmful to humans depending on the dosage, and vice-versa. Though we share an endocannabinoid system with our pets, many other bodily systems are very different and so it’s important to be careful when giving anything not specifically designed for you or your pet. Ideally though you’ll be looking at a CBD product that is grown, extracted and prepared completely organically, which removes this problem.

Even under those circumstances it’s not a great idea to share with your furry friend however. With over twenty years in the hemp and CBD industry, the number one thing that we’ve seen make a huge difference in the results experienced by CBD buyers is dosage and proper use. Making sure that you’re using a product designed to be effective with your body type and lifestyle is the biggest difference between CBD that works, and CBD that doesn’t.

The same is true for animal companions. A product with a dosage designed to be effective for a small dog or cat, likely won’t have the potency it needs to produce any effect for a human or larger animal. Similarly, a product designed for a human, though it will be effective, and should not be dangerous to a pet, will likely be wasted on them and you would be able to get the same benefit for cheaper with a product designed for them.

As always, our advice when trying a new CBD product for either you or a pet, is to consult an expert. Our team of Hemp Advisors is available Monday – Friday with expertise on the right CBD product for you, your furry friend or anything else you have questions about.

Spagyric, Full-Spectrum CBD For Pets from Happy Buddha Hemp

At Happy Buddha Hemp we have two products specifically designed for our animal friends. Full Spectrum CBD Pet Treats that can be given individually and are flavored with bacon and cheese so that dogs and cats will enjoy them. We also have a Full Spectrum Spagyric CBD Pet Tincture for those who need, or want, more control over the dosage and can easily mix it into their food.

As with all of our products, they are third party lab-tested for guaranteed potency and safety and to celebrate the launch, we’re offering everyone the chance to save 20% between October 9th and 13th. Just use promo code “PETCBD20” during check out to give your furry friend a treat that will keep them not only happy, but healthy too.

If you’re not sure if the CBD you’re considering is right for your pet, our Hemp Advisors team is here to help. You can schedule a chat with them at any time and they’ll be able to help guide you on what CBD products are the right choice for you and your pets.

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