Full spectrum hemp CBD Tincture

If you’re not sure if a CBD tincture is right for you, or if you have questions about use, dosage, or anything else, our Hemp Advisors are here to help. Text us your questions on (970) 447-3255 or click below to schedule a 10 minute chat at a time to suit you.


Our CBD tinctures are meant to be ingested. They are fast-acting and can work in as little as 20 minutes. Spagyric tinctures have greater results. Happy Buddha Hemp carries a variety of tincture strengths.
The 1oz. bottle comes in 300mg, 600mg, 900mg, & a pet-friendly dosage. We also offer a 1200mg & 2400mg strength in a 2 oz. bottle.

CBD oil tinctures can be taken on it’s own as needed, or added to food or drink as part of your daily routine.  Thanks to our all-natural coconut oil formulation they can even be applied directly to the skin for localized use. CBD tinctures are the perfect way to start experiencing the difference that full-spectrum CBD can make in your life.

All our CBD is organically and sustainably farmed and created using our unique Spagyric extraction process to create the fullest full-spectrum CBD available anywhere. Every batch is tested and verified by third party, independent labs for guaranteed potency and effectiveness so that you can buy with confidence.