Skincare with CBD: How full spectrum skin oils, cremes and more are transforming the health and beauty industry

Full Spectrum CBD Skincar

CBD has been used in topical products in other parts of the world for decades. As the industry has become legalized here in the USA, the use of CBD products intended to be rubbed into the skin has exploded as people have sought to add CBD to the benefits experienced from sports creams, lotions and similar products. While virtually all of these products are intended to care for you and your body through pain relief, moisturisation and similar benefits, many people are choosing to make CBD part of their beauty regimens.

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re proud to produce the only spagyric, beyond-organic CBD extract available and how it gives our extractions the fullest full-spectrum on the market. The CBD oil that results from this process is ideal for absorption through the skin and allows fast delivery of cannabidiols to treated areas. Additionally, our rigorous commitment to organic purity and stringent testing schedule make it a natural fit for health and beauty products that are applied to potentially sensitive areas that could become irritated by contaminants such as heavy metals. These contaminants, which could lead to health issues if they are absorbed into the body, are unfortunately common in many CBD products due to hemp’s qualities as a phytoremediator.

CBD Infused Skincare and Beauty Products

Now we’re bringing this unparalleled potency and purity to the beauty industry with three new items, all carefully formulated to preserve the all-natural, organic purity that is so important. We’ve worked with our labs to develop a range to cover as many of your beauty bases as possible, without compromising the effectiveness and potency of our unique CBD infusion.

Glow Anti-Aging Facial Oil

This facial oil provides a long-lasting, lightweight hydration that won’t clog pores and helps provide a clear, glowing complexion. It’s broad spectrum formula works well on almost all skin types without irritation and includes essential oils from the blue tansy and blue lotus flowers as well as organic moringa and coconut oil.

Powerful antioxidants from argan and carrot seed oil slow the anti-aging process while mellow coconut oil makes the formula gentle enough for everyday use. Of course each 2oz jar also includes a full 1000mg of our unique CBD extract making it the perfect solution for those who want to include CBD as part of their daily routine.

Simply Brilliant Skin Lightening Serum

Formulated to repair damaged skin and smooth uneven tones, this serum is formulated with aloe vera, kojic acid and natural vitamin C. The aloe helps to reduce redness and puffiness and promotes healing of micro-damage to skin texture, just like when it is applied to a sunburn. Kojic acid is a natural occurring compound extracted from rice that inhibits and repairs uneven pigmentation processes. In this formula it supports the repair of sun and age damage while also helping to smooth out and lighten overall skin tone. Each 1oz jar is infused with 300mg of our full-spectrum CBD extract for optimized absorption in this formula.

Uplift CBD Eye Cream

When making beauty products the eyes can be a difficult area. Not only is the skin around them some of the most delicate and therefore in need of the strongest support, but the skin and the eyes themselves are also incredibly sensitive. This means that many formulations either won’t provide the support that this specific area needs, or will irritate and possibly even damage the skin or eyes themselves.That’s why, if you want to target this specific area, it’s important to use a product that’s specifically formulated for it.

Our Uplift CBD eye cream contains CoQ10 and Retinol, which both help to promote the production of collagen and elastin, natural compounds that help to keep the skin smooth and youthful. They’re carefully combined with aloe vera, carrot seed oil, beta carotene and vitamin E to gently reinforce fine line reduction and reduce irritation as well as 150mg of our full-spectrum CBD extract in each half-ounce container.

Caring For Your Skin With CBD Infused Beauty Products

One of the best things about using CBD infusions as part of your beauty routine is that it doesn’t require any change to your existing process. The formulations are all made to be potent enough to make a real difference, while being gentle enough that they can be applied daily as part of your normal selfcare routine. They’re even formulated to be supportive of each other. You can use the Glow Facial Oil as a general application for overall healthy, luminous skin while using the Simply Brilliant Serum to target and repair damaged or problem areas and a small dab of the Uplift Eye Cream to smooth and nurture the skin around the eyes. All of this while ensuring you get a regular dose of our fullest full-spectrum CBD extract.

These three CBD infusions are available now in our online store for shipping anywhere in the USA. If you’re thinking about making CBD a part of your selfcare routine, they’re ideal for a subscribe and save plan where you can save up to 50% and always make sure that you’ve got some on hand.

As always, if you have any questions about CBD, including usage, dosage or anything else, our Hemp Advisors team is available to help. You can either book a time for us to call you, or just call or text us at (970) 447-3255.