CBD Company Happy Buddha Hemp is Gifting One Lucky Winner $1000 Worth of Product

PAONIA, Co. July 22, 2020 – Happy Buddha Hemp is a local CBD company that wants to spread the love by giving $1000 worth of free product to one lucky person every month! The first giveaway begins on July 20 at 8am, and you have a chance to win by engaging on the company’s social accounts. The winner will be announced August 1, 2020. You can access each social account by searching @HappyBuddhaHemp or click the attached hyperlinks below: 

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By both commenting on and sharing the contest’s main post on Facebook, you’re automatically entered to win every product in Happy Buddha Hemp’s collection plus some extra exclusive higher strength tinctures. Products will include: Spagyric CBD tinctures, each scent of body oil, lavender face and body cream and the coconut oil topical. Click here to view the product catalog in more detail. 

Main contest post on Facebook

“Our goal as a company is to show individuals how CBD can be an added benefit to their everyday lives,” said Kate Povondra, Co-Founder of Happy Buddha Hemp. “We want to educate our consumers on spagyric hemp specifically and this giveaway is giving someone the chance to see why we are so passionate about the natural remedy we have created.” 

Opening the $1,000 Free CBD Giveaway Prize

CBD is found in hemp plants and is intended to be used as an organic remedy for several complications. Happy Buddha Hemp’s specialty is developing spagyric hemp CBD products, meaning unlike other companies’ products, their oils and tinctures still have all of the beneficial components of the plant intact after being broken down. Spagyric CBD extraction is the only extraction method that reclaims the salts and minerals through an alchemical process, ensuring the purest most bioavailable CBD on the market This process of extracting CBD from hemp (spagyric extractions) makes it easier for our bodies to respond to different inconveniences we’re having trouble with such as pain, anxiety or sleep problems. 

“There is a misunderstanding when it comes to hemp and it’s often only associated with Marijuana,” said Povondra. “This is not the case and I believe making spagyric CBD more known will shift the stigma resulting in more people discovering this methodology.” 

Happy Buddha Hemp is a 100% organic CBD company located in Paonia, Colorado. The company focuses on promoting health, wellness and relaxation as they grow the highest quality CBD products on the market. To learn more about products you can obtain, visit www.happybuddhahemp.com or call 970-725-6888. 

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