Our Spagyric CBD Process

Using an ancient alchemic technique, Happy Buddha Hemp is one of the only companies that reintroduces the salts and minerals in all of our products, giving you the most complete Full Spectrum CBD profile available on the market.

Happy Buddha Hemp

9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us



The vast majority of US hemp is being grown on land that has been using pesticides for many years. Having 50-year pesticide-free soil is the first step to Happy Buddha Hemp’s quality product guarantee.



Our quality does not stop at growing our hemp. All of our secondary ingredients are sourced from like-minded companies. No parabens, No harsh chemicals, No Sulfates. Period.



Working closely with a team of biochemists, Happy Buddha Hemp has revitalized the lost art of Spagyric Extractions. Spagyric, simply put, is the most potent CBD available.



What started as a grassroots company 6 years ago has developed into one of the leading companies in the CBD industry. In an industry flooded with big money, faceless companies- we are proof that quality and reputation matter-not just profits.



We challenge you to test our Spagyric full-spectrum products against any other products on the market. If you are not completely convinced our Spagyric full-spectrum products are better, you won’t lose a thing with our 30-day money-back guarantee.



Most CBD companies have been in business for less than a year and have no previous cannabis experience. The founders of Happy Buddha Hemp have over 20+ years combined expertise in the cannabis and wellness space, leading the way and setting the bar for the Hemp CBD industry.



Our independent 3rd party labs test our seeds, biomass, raw extraction and every batch for pesticides, heavy metals, genetics, terpenes, and cannabinoid potency. We aren’t shy about how awesome we are – every test is published live on our site at all times.



Tucked away in a rural Colorado farming community, our farms are located in an ideal microclimate for hemp. Alkaline soil, pristine mountain spring water, the perfect combination of temperature, humidity, and altitude- make our locale the Napa Valley of Hemp.



Amazon sellers are fooling hundreds of thousands into thinking they are buying CBD. Most CBD companies are putting a full spectrum on their labels but then spiking their products with isolate. At Happy Buddha Hemp we promise to not only never engage in such practices but also call out others in the industry that do.

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Happy Buddha Hemp Farms

Industry Leader in Good Farming Practices.

Happy Buddha Hemp stands out within the CBD Industry because they grow their own hemp on 50 year pesticide fee soil- refusing to use any harmful or unnatural growing methods. This is important for the hemp plant because it soaks up everything in its environment & most hemp is grown on pesticide ridden lands, and with less than stellar growing practices. Our farms are at the heart of our company and we have a lot of pride with how happy our plants are.


Our Story

Kate Povondra and DJ Petz fell in love at a naked hippie commune while learning about organic, sustainable farming. At the time, DJ, owned the largest edible dispensary in Colorado. For years, he had to suit up in a protective jumpsuit to spray plants with pesticides. Wanting to find an organic solution and a more sustainable lifestyle, he set out on a quest to grow the best hemp possible.

Licensed massage therapist of 14 years, Kate had devoted her life to understand how to heal the body through touch. Wanting to explore how organic nutrition could help her clients, Kate moved to the farm where she also found DJ and CBD.

Together, their combined skills and passions made Happy Buddha Hemp a strong hold for sustainable, holisitc, healthy products and practices in the CBD Industry.

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  • I had a much more highly recommended testimonial but because the FDA won’t let Happy Buddha post testimonials that include customer’s medical improvements, I will simply say that these companies’ high-quality products have changed my father’s life in a very very noticeable and very very positive way. Thanks so much for caring what you put into your products and for growing your own hemp organically, it makes a difference.

    Alex K, Real estate professional, Arizona
  • After trying about other products and giving up on this whole CBD thing, my daughter gave me a sample of Happy Buddha’s spagyric full-spectrum CBD and now I’m HOOKED! It is different than other products believe me!!

    Tab M, Retired , Oklahoma
  • This stuff tastes cleaner and purer than any of the other brands I have tried, and that is a lot of them. It is obvious to me, and I live in the capital of CBD, that these guys do something more and something better with their products. It is probably how they grow their own hemp organically and use that method of extraction that only they do.

    Justin S, Telecommunications, Colorado
  • I have had 4 back surgeries in the last 3 years and I live in constant pain. When I get my monthly supply of Happy Buddha topical in the mail, especially when I am out of the previous month’s supply, I have a very very good day. Thanks for all you have done in helping my life improve. 

    Rebecca C, Retired Delta airlines employee, Georgia
  • I got a free sample of the topical and tincture at a local mall kiosk, I met and spoke with the owners who were out here opening stores and they were a lovely couple that spent nearly an hour with me answering all of my questions. Not only did I love the owners when I got home I absolutely loved the products too!! I had never tried CBD before and now I can say, all of the hype is real. It is not snake oil like I thought it was, it is something that I love and use every day.

    Kathy F, Retired teacher, Missiori

We help you succeed in the CBD Industry

We are the premier CBD company for the health & wellness industry. We have several services that are designed to suit your business needs & exceed your client’s expectations. All our products are made with our Certified Happy Buddha Hemp, never outsourced from 3rd parties. If you partner with us, you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality hemp CBD on the market & consistent products.


Have our gorgeous bottles on your shelves and take advantage of our accumulative tiered pricing discounts. We offer both retail and bulk product options & sales certification for your staff to give you an edge.


Create your own CBD brand using Happy Buddha Hemp Farms CBD. Choose between Isolate, Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum and over 30 products to quickly and easily jumpstart your business.


The easiest way to share Happy Buddha Hemp. Created for social influencers, wellness professionals, web guru’s or just individuals who want to recommend a great brand and have their efforts tracked and compensated.


We love working with Chiropractors & have become the go-to brand for 1000’s. Happy Buddha Hemp offers an expansive menu for your business as well as training and certification for your staff so they know how to talk about CBD.


Trusted by Physicians nationwide-we offer White label, Wholesale or Affiliate programs and products specifically designed for holistic & traditional physicians such as our lidocaine menthol and camphor CBD cream.


We love supporting independent practitioners in the Health and Wellness Industry and we know IP’s can’t always meet the minimum order quantity for wholesale rates. Our Therapist Program gives you flexibility and wholesale pricing.


Voted the Number # 1 CBD Company for Spas. We train and certify your staff so that we can help your business succeed with sales. Our Spa Program was designed exclusively for you, we offer bulk & retail products.

Voted The Number # 1 CBD Company for Spas


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