Colorado Hemp.

Beyond Organic, Beyond Superior.

Colorado Hemp

The View From Our Farm

Kate & DJ

There is something magical about Paonia, Colorado and the Happy Buddha hemp that is grown here.

Maybe it’s the perfect mix of altitude, climate and clean mountain water or maybe it’s the loving, happy, joyous people who choose to farm here, either way one thing is for sure, it’s that Paonia is known throughout Colorado for producing the majority of the states artisan organic crops. From hemp to hops, wine and wool, it’s grown here.


The North Fork Valley currently has the highest concentration of organic farms in Colorado that celebrate and support a wholesome lifestyle. The residents here live hand in hand with the land, cultivating its bounty and creating unique, amazing products that are sought after state and nationwide.


Nestled along the Gunnison River and at the base of the West Elk Mountains, 40 miles away from the nearest traffic light, we chose this area for our farms to bring you the highest quality Colorado hemp possible.

This special Colorado valley is home to fresh air, clean water and free-thinkers with a reverence for the simple life. Come visit us and we’ll show you around. 

The magic of this valley produces the best hemp we have ever seen, try it and see for yourself!

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